5 Topwater Frog Lures

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You get  5 Topwater Frog LuresIt's getting to that time of the year.... Bass, pike & musky season coming and they love these frogs. Add these to your tackle box.

  • River, Reservoir Pond, Stream, Lake
  • Artificial Bait
  • Freshwater
  • Soft Fishing Lure
  • Lure Size 13.5g / 55mm = 0.48oz / 2.17"
  • Lure Size 21g / 65mm = 0.74oz / 2.56"
  • Topwater Frogs
  • Floating Fishing Baits
  • Barbed Hooks
  • 3D Eyes
  • Bass, pike & musky
  • 5 Colors


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