5 Wobbler Sea Carp Lures

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You get 5 Wobbler Sea Carp Lures. This set is a great set for any anglers tackle box. They have 3D eyes & stainless steel balls inside to keep it balanced & able to cast further. Also has a long tongue, for swimming posture control which makes it look More realistic. These are top quality lures. This is a bargain you get free shipping & 5 of any color you would like.

  • Ocean Rock, River, Stream, Reservoir Pond, Ocean Beach, Lake & Ocean Boat Fishing.
  • Big and bright 3D eyes.
  • Stainless Steel Balls Inside, to keep Balance of the Fishing Lure, For the Furthest Distance Casting, When You Cast the Bait, Will be out of a sound, Fully Enjoy the Pleasure of Fishing
  • Equipped with Anti-corrosion, Stronger Power, Durable, Three Hooks.
  • Long Tongue for Swimming Posture Control, More Realistic.
  • Balance Track.
  • Magnetic Force Vocalization Let's the Fish easier to find it.
  • More Robust Bicyclic.
  • The Design of  Simulation Ichthyosis Laser Make it More Attractive to Big Fish.
  • Crankbait
  • Hard Fishing Lure
  • Approximate Lure Weight: 10g = 0.35oz.
  • Approximate Lure Length: 55mm = 2.16"
  • Diving Depth: 1.8-3.9M = 5.91-12.79ft
  • Floating Lure 


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