Amazing Swimming Fishing Lure

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Amazing Swimming Fishing Lure is unbelievable the way it swims like a real fish. You have to have this for your next fishing trip to your favorite spot. It's time to catch fish...

  • Anti-corrosion, stronger power, durable, freshwater seawater universal.
  • The design of simulation fish skin make it more attractive to big fish.
  • Strengthen the double circle increased resistance to pull.
  • 3D simulation eyes, big and bright, more tempting reflective better.
  • Hard Fishing Lure
  • Approximate Weight: 19g = 0.67oz.
  • Approximate Length: 80mm = 3.15"
  • Diving Depth: Full Aqueous Layer
  • Buoyancy: Sinking Lure
  • 7 Sections Swimbait Jointed Bait
  • 5 Colors



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